Voici Pimp My Wii, un homebrew par Attila de Wii info (::)::) qui va Hacker votre Wii, Télécharger Pimp My Wii Hackez la Wii facilement. Télécharger Pimp My Wii Hackez la Wii facilement(page 84). Voici Pimp My Wii, un homebrew par Attila de Wii info (::)::) qui va Hacker Version Vous le connaissez certainement tous, l'homebrew Pimp My Wii qui permet de Télécharger Pimp My Wii Aucun produit en rapport avec pimp my wii.

Nom: pimp my wii 2.25
Format:Fichier D’archive
Licence:Usage Personnel Seulement
Système d’exploitation: MacOS. Android. iOS. Windows XP/7/10.
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Mise a jour Hack 4. Des mouches bourdonnent aux fenêtres. Les cIOS ne proposent de s'installer uniquement que si Pimp détecte que vous ne les avez pas déjà. Quelques semaines avant son mariage avec Alessio Leoni, Paola Raggi est assassinée à son domicile. Le Locle 6.

Hackez une Wii en firmware avec cette nouvelle version de Pimp My Wii. 1 sept. Pimp My Wii est un célèbre homebrew Wii créé par Attila, développeur français et Aujourd'hui, PMW passe en version Télécharger. Normalement oui, moi et Sherka mettons nos packs à jour dans les jours qui suivent. Sinon si tu as besoin du sherkapack, télécharge la mise à jour de Pimp my.

Sachez que dans ce mode, vous ne saurez pas si vos IOS installés ont les différents bugs, et donc le programme ne saura pas si les IOS que vous avez installés ont besoin d'être patché. L'homebrew est affiché automatiquement en français, anglais, italien, allemand ou espagnol suivant la langue de la console. Malgré les différents tests effectués, ce programme peux endommager votre console.

Il est préférable que vous ayez Bootmii en boot2 d'installé. Touche "moins" dans le menu : mode "safe mode". Laissez les paramètres par défaut si vous ne savez pas ce que vous faites! Un mauvais choix des hacks pourrait rendre votre système instable.

Lisez le readme pour plus d'informations. Si vous avez le homebrew channel a l'envers après l'utilisation, réinstallez le Homebrew Channel. Ajout de son dossier "config" qui contient la traduction française.

Version du Ce portage utilise SDL Wii. Ceci inclut l'écran, le clavier et le son à la fois haut parleur et puce AY Utilisation :- Placez les fichiers. Only the Flag in Bit n, HL is not correctly emulated. Minecraft Wii Edition par filfat est comme son nom l'indique, une version Wii de Minecraft. Le fameux jeu qu'on ne présente plus tant il est connu. Quoi ça ne vous dit rien, sérieusement?

Tweeked the world array should work better now.


Added Wooden Planks, Added Bedrock. Added suport for USB Gecko. Fixed even more bugs. Fonctionnalités : Place Block's and remove block's 6 Diffrent block's More comming in 0. My Minecraft Server will be open until the summer IP: filfat. Ban system: Warning,Kick,BanMore info comming soon!

WiiBrowser est un navigateur internet pour la Wii par gave Voici ce qui est fait pour l'instant :- Affiche des sites web personnalisés. Voici Dolphin, l'émulateur pour pc de GameCube et Wii le plus avancé. Chose étonnante, il fait mieux tourner les jeux officiels que les Homebrew, même si certains marchent aussi dessus. Note: La version fournie est la version Windows 32bits. As far as I know, that should never be negative. Got rid of some typecasts. Fixes issue TextureDecoder did not support that previously.

Left-shift can be used for gamepad input now. Thanks to Lioncash. This should fix channels not loading from sysmenu anymore. Thanks to limburgerite : Version 3. We were skipping every other one. Thisis not the best solution to fix this issue, but at least it does not crash. Changes suggested by nerzhultheking. This will tell the game that you have a force feedback steering wheel connected.

The checkbox is still wrong when starting emulation, but it's now purely cosmetic. Actually fixes issue Pause emulation while waiting for confirmation to exit. GL helper function was duplicated. There are still a few AX GC bugs remaining, but overall a lot less games havesound issues than before. Thanks to everyone who helped test the development builds of this branch andreported results on the forum thread.

I'm an idiot :pThis reverts commit 4dfdaddaaebe65c6f82adb21c Parlane, I hate you. Also fixed an include not using correct caps. That's what would've been done in the next TCB::Load call, anyway. Additionally, change efb copies to specify 1 as the number of mipmaps because that makes more sense than anything else. Allow sorting by platform ascending. Should close Makes volume slider work when game isn't running.

Closes It was handled in the wii-network branch in rev c42a6fe2c. Master handles the settings files differently.

Télécharger Pimp My Wii 3.02: Hackez la Wii facilement

Until wii-network merges in to master, this closes issue Apparently OSX needs to get with the times. Thanks to glennrics for noticing. Patch by mathieudel. Thanks to konpie for spotting this. Might give a fairly perceivable speedup in the D3D11 backend.

Fixes the flickering textures. Thanks to hk. Fixes Frogger: Hyper Arcade Edition. Dolphin code sucks too much to get optimizations. This reverts commit 5a77cae2efa5cbbfefa5f.


Thanks to Grant Paul for this quickfix! Thanks abahbob for testing. This is set as default I really got frustrated of having to change the type every single time when making tests for GCMM, and I think it makes more sense at user level to just show all saves regardless the format - In icon retrieving I removed the "format check" as it shouldn't really matter to have mixed icon formats.

Also removed the "Time splitters hack" as there's no reason for it since we are only checking the last 3 bits and I'm pretty sure having bits 1 and 2 set is the same as having them unset. With this the base for icon animation is complete.


Signed-off-by: LPFaint99 Version 3. Fixes the high pitched squeal in Muramasa. Fixes the non-looping music in PN I deleted this before, intending to move it elsewhere, but never didVersion 3. Realistically using opencl means the minimum OSX version targetable is Also using wxwidgets gl component.

The amount and size of the buffer is now changed to "new hardware" frienly values and will fall back to the right values if hardware does not support them. My next commit will be to a branch, with my ogl work. Removes the remaining globals that didn't need to be global, rearranges some code to make more sense, and removes some redundant code.

So to compensate lets bring back some speed to the emulation. Change a little the way the vertex are send to the gpu,This first implementation changes dx9 a lot and dx11 a little to increase the parallelism between the cpu and gpu. Ogl: is my next step in ogl is a little more trickier so i have to take a little more time.

The original concept is Marcos idea, with my little touch to make it even more faster. Please test it a lot and let me know if you see any problem. In dx9 the code is prepared to fall back to the previous implementation if your card does not support the amount of buffers needed.

So if you did not experience any speed gains you know where is the problem :. For the ones with more experience and compression of the code please test changing the amount and size of the buffers to tune this for your specific machine. The current values are the sweet spot for my machine. All must Thanks Marcos, I hate him for giving good ideas when I'm full of work. Only enabled if you check the "Log FPS to file" option in your graphics settings. Could be improved a bit: currently logs only every 1s so you can't really see small variations , maybe output more infos to the fps.

Zero GUI option available for setting. I was also running in to this issue in my development. Kudos to plbl4ster to actually taking the time to research this. Closes issue This fixes the problem by using the same condition logic to set the libs as used when detecting SDL in the first place. This was discussed months ago, but was never implemented for whatever reason.

Reason:- It's wrong, zcomploc can't be emulated perfectly in HW backends without severely impacting performance.

This reverts commit 0efd4e5cba5f5dade9ccec This reverts commit b4ecacaa86bdc58bcafe0d5. This reverts commit bb4c9edf48fd4caee56c28c92e4. This reverts commit bc07dd52dddaa18b7e23d09bc23be. Brings back the speed lost by rbc Thanks to Lioncash for the patch. The correct convention is to use include SDL.

This adds support for drivers supporting sine, square and triangle periodic haptic effects. Fixes the invisible player in THPS3. Fixes a regression from 8bed27a3d1e3 causing textures to load improperly when a game is run two times in the same Dolphin instanceVersion 3.

Fixes Rogue Squadron 3 in interpreter mode. Thanks to pauldacheez for the fix. Thanks to slmpika for the fix. Fixes Knockout Kings If it is, the game is prefetching memory into the data cache, and not loading new code. In these cases, the JIT cache will no longer be flushed. Fixes the frequent "Clearing code cache" issue in games like "The Last Story".

Thanks to degasus. Patch by nagosaki. Greatly reduces the number of GL calls per frame. Thanks to degasus for his help! Thanks delroth. Fixes compilation on Linux x Checked whether the code has changed before invalidating it. Fixes the cut-scenes in Tales of Graces. Now Wii games can be booted using extracted files instead of a disc image.

Thanks to wordmanwords for the patch.

Fixes the interaction with objects in Another Code R. Right click on a game, Properties,Filesystem tab, then right click on the game partition and select "Checkpartition integrity". This may have some false negatives due to the unused clusters heuristic seethe comment in VolumeWiiCrypted. False positives are unlikely. Removed the DTK Music option. It is now always enabled.

Added the response for audio streaming disc offset requests. Generate an AI interrupt at the end of the audio streaming loop. Fixes Pac-man Fever and the background music in Eternal Darkness. Fixed the erroneous looping in audio streaming games like Eternal Darkness and Zoids: Battle Legends. Thanks for the tip, tueidj. There's been roughly commits between 2. All kinds of stuff from strange UI behavior, crashes, graphical glitches and other sorts of problems were fixed.

For example, many games which didn't boot at all in Dolphin are working fine now. Improvements to the user interface: The configuration dialogs were restructured in a more sensible manner to ease emulator usage for new users. The video config dialog received a complete overhaul and features a description panel for each option now.

Further improvements are better suited as additions in the current infrastructure since this architecture allows for a much better integration with the other parts of Dolphin. Translation support: Recently we introduced supporting for translating Dolphin into any language.


However, due to a lack of well-done translations it was decided to only ship a set of eight translations Arabic, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Greek, Hungarian, Portuguese, Spanish, Turkish with Dolphin 3.

Rev Lots of code cleanup and the like, as well as the highlights:Dolphin GUI:Fix issues with dialog windows accepting keyboard input. Fixed the good 'ol TLBHack, which might fool some games into running again.

Added Lua Interface for scripting actions within dolphin! Fixed Command Processor interrupt handling. Implemented more proper EFB behavior. Fix crashes which could happen when resizing the render window. Not enabled in normal builds yet. Many, many tweaks here and there to increase speed, stability, and code cleanlinessVersion Wii menu boots again! I still rarely see it in 1 game. Also, Super Mario Galaxy having its Graphical issues fixed and is now completelly playable!

Download and post some screen shots on the Super Mario Galaxy thread in the previous news post! Also fixed other things, probably too numerous to mention. And of course, a host of other bugfixes and smaller changes.

Voici un outil made by JoostinOnline et stfour.

Télécharger DLNow Video Downloader – Logithèque PC Astuces

Settings Editor permet de modifier divers options du système de la console. FonctionnalitésPermet de modifier:- la résolution de l'écran- l'aspect ratio- la position de la sensor bar- le mode sonore- la vibration de la wiimote- le mode d'arrêt- la sensibilité de la wiimote- le Wii connect les paramètres d'internet pour ainsi booter dessus Note: Vous ne pourrez pas changer ces paramètres si vous ne les avez pas changés au moins une fois dans les Options WiiVersion 1. I couldn't have done it without him.

Instead, clicking on them gives the option to load the Wii Settings to set them for the first time. You still can't load Wii Settings, but there is nothing I can do about that. Screen fades out before resetting or shutting down Wii. Some code cleanup. Compiled with libogc v1. Version 68 alpha- Menu GUI.

Version 67c bugfix - Correction de l'affichage coverflow en mode vidéo 50 Hz- Correction de la détection des covers manquantes dans l'écran des options de jeu. Version 67 beta- Support pour les HQ covers. Version 67 alpha- Amélioration du cache des covers. Version 66c bugfix - Amélioration de la détection du cios d2x v3 r merci kamiro Version 66 release- VersionVersion 66 beta- Ajout de la détection du cios d2x v2,v3 merci kamiro Version 66 alpha- Ajout de la détection du cios rd2x-v1 merci kamiro Previously the entire FAT table had to be scanned to get the free space which could take up to a couple of minutes.

If the scanned free space mathces fsinfo OK is displayed otherwise the correct free space, which is then stored to fsinfo. It is enough to do this once, after that the fsinfo should be kept in sync.

Version 64 beta 6- Correction du trie par date d'installation. Version 64 beta 5- Amélioration également de la gestion du délai USB lors de la recherche du fichier config. Version 64 beta 3- Correction du téléchargement de thème.

Version 64 beta 2- Correction du blocage dans la v64b lors de la recherche de mise à jour. Version 64 beta- Correction de plantage lors du téléchargement de code triche long Issue Il est possible que cela corrige également le téléchargement occasionnel d'image de cover.

Version 64 alpha- Support pour les entrées wiitdb ID4 wiiware. Version 62 beta 3- Plus de zone de texte traductible. Version 62 alpha 4- Correction du support ext2fs. Version 62 alpha 3- Correction de la sélection de partition et le plantage depuis la 62a2. Version 62 alpha 2- Support du ext2fs Merci à Dimok! Activer le debug affichera les rectangles de zone.

Version 61 bêta 9- Correction du lancement avec de multiples wiimotes libogc svn Version 61 bêta 7- Correction de la détection des tables de partition RAW fs. Version 61 bêta 6- Retour à la libogc 1. Version 61 bêta 5- Correction du changement de thème. Version 61 bêta 2- Mise à jour de la libogc en 1. Version 61 bêta 1- Démarrage légèrement plus rapide de l'application environs secondes chargement optimisé de la configuration et de wiitdb.

Cette option ne fonctionne que si elle est définie dans le meta. Version 61 alpha 2- Réversion du devkitppc 22 vers le 17 libogc reste en 1. Il semble que cela corrige les plantages de la v61a avec wiitdb et le net. Version 61 alpha- Mise à jour du devkitppc 17 vers 22 et de la libogc 1. Version 60 release- Correction de l'installation sur ntfs en type de fichier. Sur le NTFS, cela créé une copie exacte dans un fichier iso.

Version 60 bêta- Changement de la gestion du point de montage du FS sd: usb: ntfs: game:. Version Version release. Le patch est désactivé par défaut. Seule la version et la date sont mise à jour. Version Release. Version 58 beta2- Support des Gamercard.

Pimp My Wii - Hackez une Wii en firmware - vaikis.info

Version 58 alpha- Support des différents slots pour le Cios rev20 de Waninkoko : , , , Clipper - Autorisation des valeurs hexadécimales pour les options qui peuvent spécifier une ID de chaîne donc le nouveau HBC est supporté.

L valeur du HBC 1. Clipper - Liste de mises à jour défilante. Version 57b7- Image de prévisualisation des thèmes. Version 57b6- Nouvelle option : select. Version 57b5- Correction des fichiers. Version 57b4- Ajout d'un correctif pour Prince Of Persia. Version 57b2- Téléchargement de thème. Version 57b- Ajout d'avertissements pour les ios stubb. Version 52b5- Correction de multi-lingue dans le. Voir ci dessous pour des informations.

A propos de la redéfinition des boutons :Tout d'abord, le mappage par défaut de la guitare a changé un peu. Version 52b2- Le fichier custom-titles. Lorsque cette option est activée, elle place le bon nom de jeu ainsi que la durée de jeu dans l'historique du Bureau Wii, et pourra être lu par la Chaîne Nintendo.

Cependant, cela ne fonctionnera pas si vous sautez le menu Wii en utilisant l'autoboot de BootMii ou du Priiloader. Comme pour les disques Wii, seul de disques originaux sont supportés! Ceci devrait augmenter la compatibilité des jeux.

Version 52a2- Correction d'options.


Version 52a- Fichiers de traduction maintenant supportés. L'ancien schéma de nommage reste tout de même supporté. Improved sort menu.

Accented characters now show up in the synopsis. Display of synopsis cleaned up and improved. Entities now converted in the synopsis. Disc boot menu will show the proper database information. Can be downloaded inside the loader on the global options screen. Disc loading, sorting, filtering, and more options are located here. If invalid or not able to be displayed by the loader this will default to English.

Both country codes EN and languages English are valid. Default is Title Ascending. Les modules externe ehc pour ces versions sont toujours supportées. Peux être remplacé en utilisant un module ehc 4 externe. Version 50b beta - Support des fichiers.

The number of fragments if limited to , that number is also the max theoretical number of fragments on a wbfs partition actually , for a dual layer disc with a 2mb wbfs block size. In normal conditions the number of fragments should be a lot lower most commonly just a single big block. Fragments are used to describe both physical address on hdd and virtual adress on wii disc so if a. Credits: WiiPower for libntfs modification which returns the list of fragments.

Version 48b2 beta 2 - Optimisation de la vitesse de chargement FAT. Mais, si vous voulez le renommer, vous devrez également changer le nom du profil dans le fichier settings. Les profils peuvent être changé dans le menu des options générales. Changez les paramètres favori d'un jeu est faisable depuis le menu des options de jeu, comme d'habitude.

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Pimp My Wii en version 2.25

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