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These reactions constitute potential mechanisms for active demethylation of methylated DNA. Trois nouveaux élèves débarquent à Las Encinas. The first section focuses on eating disorders. The study participants were patients with p T N0M0 breast cancer, treated with mastectomy without radiation therapy. Bien que plusieurs recherches rapportent que l'etre humain est de plus en plus conscient de ses impacts sur le climat de la planete, ces memes recherches indiquent qu'en general, les gens continuent a se comporter de facon non ecologique. However, the relationship between the DNA methylation patterns and the effects of TET family proteins in chondrocyte differentiation is still unclear. Une foi le wave demarré, sur le clavier téléphonique tapper ce code:. Ses archives uc web handler Le top 10 des jeux Java!!

TÉLÉCHARGER FOX TWO AISSATA - Dimanche 23 Décembre Partout et nulle part! Nous avons besoin de parler de la manière dont les hommes traceront une . TÉLÉCHARGER FOX TWO AISSATA - Journal of Infection, 9, —. This behavior has not been observed in other non-human mammals. Twenty microlitres of. vaikis.info aider à télécharger votre favori fox two musique. fox 1 fox 2 fox 3 mean, fox two ft stelair ramba officiel clip, fox two aissata clip officiel, foxtwo.

Following adhesion, M and N adherent cells developed multiple projections, while S adherent cells had flattened and widespread morphology. RhoA inhibitor induced remarkable longer and thinner cytoplasmic projections on all surfaces.

Smooth surface adherent cells appear highly sensitive to RhoA function, while nano-scale topography adherent cell may utilize alternative cellular signaling pathway s to influence adherent cellular functions regardless of RhoA activity. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available DNA methylation is closely involved in the regulation of cellular differentiation, including chondrogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells.

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Recent studies showed that Ten—eleven translocation TET family proteins converted 5-methylcytosine 5mC to 5-hydroxymethylcytosine, 5-formylcytosine and 5carboxylcytosine by oxidation. These reactions constitute potential mechanisms for active demethylation of methylated DNA. However, the relationship between the DNA methylation patterns and the effects of TET family proteins in chondrocyte differentiation is still unclear.

Moreover, knockdown experiments revealed that the downregulation of Tet1 expression caused decreases in chondrogenesis markers such as type 2 and type 10 collagens.

Furthermore, we found that TET proteins had a site preference for hydroxylation of 5mC on the Insulin-like growth factor 1 Igf1 promoter in chondrocytes. Taken together, we showed that the expression of Tet1 was specifically facilitated in chondrocyte differentiation and Tet1 can regulate chondrocyte marker gene expression presumably through its hydroxylation activity for DNA.

When the progeny of irradiated cells are resuspended and plated to determine the number of potential transformed foci, the absolute yield is constant over a wide range of dilutions and is similar to that observed in cultures that have not been resuspended. In addition, for cells exposed to a given x-ray dose, the number of transformed foci per dish is independent of the number of irradiated cells. These observations suggest that few, if any, of the transformed clones occur as a direct consequence of the x-ray exposure and challenge the hypothesis that transformed foci are the clonal products of occasional cells that have experienced an x-ray-induced mutational change.

Rather, it appears that at least two steps are involved. We suggest that exposure to x-rays results in a change, for example, the induction or expression of some cell function, in many or all of the cells and that this change is transmitted to the progeny of the surviving cells; a consequence of this change is an enhanced probability of the occurrence of a second step, transformation, when these cells are maintained under conditions of confluence.

Rosenthal, David I. Christopher; Stasney, C. Richard; Frank, Steven J. Purpose: To investigate the dosimetry and feasibility of carotid-sparing intensity-modulated radiotherapy IMRT for early glottic cancer and to report preliminary clinical experience. We developed a simplified IMRT planning algorithm with three fields and limited segments. Conventional and IMRT plans were compared using generalized equivalent uniform dose and dose-volume parameters for in-field carotid arteries, target volumes, and organs at risk.

We have treated 11 patients with this simplified IMRT technique. Receptor binding experiments showed that the nontransformed and transformed cells had a comparable number of PDGF receptors, 1.

Furthermore, cAMP-induced c-fos expression induced by forskolin is formerly shown to be independent of PKC down-regulation. In our experiments, forskolin induced c-fos expression in both clones. However, PKC down-regulation inhibited the forskolin-induced c-fos expression in Cl 16 cells. Jüüzli du Muotatal. Inactivating mutations of the mammalian myostatin gene are associated with increased muscle mass and decreased fat mass; conversely, myostatin transgenic mice that overexpress myostatin in the skeletal muscle have decreased muscle mass and increased fat mass.

We investigated the effects of recombinant myostatin protein and antimyostatin antibody on myogenic and adipogenic differentiation of mesenchymal multipotent cells. Myogenesis was estimated by quantitative image analysis-immunocytochemistry for MyoD Myo differentiation protein , myogenin, and myosin heavy chain type II, or by Western blot for myogenin.

Recombinant Mst carboxy terminal amino acids inhibited both early and late markers of myogenesis and stimulated both early and late markers of adipogenesis, whereas the antibody against Mst exerted the reverse effects.

Myogenin levels at 7 d after transfection of pcDNA-Mst were reduced as expected and elevated by pSil-Mst, which blocked efficiently Mst expression. In conclusion, myostatin promotes the differentiation of multipotent mesenchymal cells into the adipogenic lineage and inhibits myogenesis. Occupational exposure to neutrons typically includes significant doses of low-energy neutrons, with energies below keV. In addition, the normal-tissue dose from boron neutron capture therapy will largely be from low-energy neutrons.

Microdosimetric theory predicts decreasing biological effectiveness for neutrons with energies below about keV compared with that for higher-energy neutrons; based on such considerations, and limited biological data, the current radiation weighting factor quality factor for neutrons with energies from 10 keV to keV is less than that for higher-energy neutrons. By contrast, some reports have suggested that the biological effectiveness of low-energy neutrons is similar to that of fast neutrons.


The purpose of the current work is to assess the relative biological effectiveness of low-energy neutrons for an endpoint of relevance to carcinogenesis: in vitro oncogenic transformation. These results for oncogenic transformation provide evidence for a significant decrease in biological effectiveness for 40 keV neutrons compared with keV neutrons.

The 70 keV neutrons were intermediate in effectiveness between the 70 and keV beams. A decrease in biological effectiveness for low-energy neutrons is in agreement with most but not all earlier biological studies, as well as microdosimetric considerations. The results for oncogenic transformation were consistent with the currently recommended decreased values for low-energy neutron radiation weighting factors compared with fast neutrons.

Radiation therapy for T 1,2 glottic carcinoma: impact of overall treatment time on local control. Purpose: Local control probabilities of T 1,2 glottic laryngeal cancer were evaluated in relation to dose and fractionation of radiation therapy RT.

Multivariate analyses using the Cox proportional hazards model and a logistic regression analysis were performed to evaluate the significance of prognostic variables on local control. Multivariate analyses demonstrated that only overall treatment time OTT was a significant variable for local control. Total RT dose, normalized total doses at a fraction size of 2 Gy, and fraction size were not significant.

Grinyer, J; Grinyer, G. C; Traykov, E. In most mirror decays used for these tests, uncertainties in the ft values are dominated by the uncertainties in the half-lives. Influence du traitement thermique sur quatre éléments métalliques Les résultats expérimentaux montrent que la température de combustion a un effet sur la volatilisation des métaux lourds dans l'air.

Pour déterminer le taux de vaporisation de ces métaux, des Cell lines were developed from these foci, and subsequently clones were established from these focal lines. The clones were examined for DNA content, radiosensitivity and inducible cell cycle arrests. The transformed cells often displayed aneuploid and multiple polyploid populations. No change in the radiosensitivity of the transformed cells was observed.

Furthermore, the two major radiation- and staurosporine-induced G1 and G2 cell cycle arrests observed in the parental cell line were also observed in the morphological transformants, suggesting that checkpoint function was normal. Benefit of adjuvant chemotherapy after resection of stage II T N1M0 non-small cell lung cancer in elderly patients. Overall survival OS was analyzed using the Kaplan-Meier approach and inverse probability weight-adjusted Cox proportional hazard models.

Factors that predicted adjuvant chemotherapy use were younger age and higher T status.

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The 5-year OS was significantly better for patients who received adjuvant chemotherapy compared with patients not given adjuvant chemotherapy: In the inverse probability weight-adjusted Cox proportional hazard regression model, adjuvant chemotherapy use predicted significantly improved survival hazard ratio 0. These data can be used to provide elderly patients with realistic expectations of the potential benefits when considering adjuvant chemotherapy in this setting.

Recently, Cichorek et al. Making the assumption that diffusion of conduction electrons in this compound is isotropic, they could not get quantitative agreement between the considered model and the experimental results. For the considered resistivity anisotropy, we found that the calculated values of the A coefficient are in very good agreement with those derived from the resistivity measurements.

CERN Multimedia. Clinical outcomes for T N oral tongue cancer patients underwent surgery with and without postoperative radiotherapy. Full Text Available Abstract Background The aim of this study was to assess the results of curative surgery with and without radiotherapy in patients with T N oral tongue squamous cell carcinoma OSCC and to evaluate survival and prognostic factors.

Fourteen patients Patient characteristics, tumor characteristics, treatment modality, failure patterns, and survival rates were analyzed. Results The median follow-up was 45 months. In the risk group, there was no local failure in patients with postoperative radiotherapy. Conclusions In T N OSCC, factors that affected prognosis after primary surgery were higher tumor grade and deep invasion depth over 0.

Postoperative radiotherapy should be considered in early oral tongue cancer patients with these high-risk pathologic features. A new approach is presented here for studying radiation-induced transformation. A primary goal was to determine if the introduction of an activated oncogene could substitute for one of the required steps in radiation-induced transformation.

Results are presented that show that the expression of the exogenous myc gene significantly increased the frequency of radiation-induced transformation in these cells. Subculture experiments performed to analyze the kinetics of transformation in C3H-myc cells and reconstruction experiments allowing the effects of normal cells on radiation-induced transformants to be determined indicated that transformed cells arose very shortly after irradiation.

These results support the conclusion that a radiation-induced event can complement the effect of myc in C3H-myc cells and directly result in transformation. This system thus provides an opportunity to isolate early steps in radiation-induced transformation and should facilitate the identification and analysis of these events.

The aim of this study was to assess the results of curative surgery with and without radiotherapy in patients with T N oral tongue squamous cell carcinoma OSCC and to evaluate survival and prognostic factors. The median follow-up was 45 months. In T N OSCC, factors that affected prognosis after primary surgery were higher tumor grade and deep invasion depth over 0. Methods and Materials: Among previously untreated OSCC patients referred to our hospital between January and May , we identified consecutive patients with p T N0 disease.

All had radical tumor excision with neck dissection. A total of patients showing pathologic margins greater than 4 mm and treated by surgery alone were included in the final analysis.

All were followed up for at least 24 months after surgery or until death. The 5-year rates of control, distant metastasis, and survival were the main outcome measures. Multivariate analysis identified poor differentiation and pathologic tumor depth of 4 mm or greater as independent risk factors for neck control, disease-free survival, and disease-specific survival.

A scoring system using poor differentiation and tumor depth was formulated to define distinct prognostic groups. The presence of both poorly differentiated tumors and a tumor depth of 4 mm or greater resulted in significantly poorer 5-year neck control p T N0 OSCC patients with poor outcome, who may have clinical benefit from postoperative adjuvant radiotherapy.

Carlo Ginzburg, Peur, révérence, terreur. Les quatre essais réunis ici ont été publiés, séparément, entre et , par Carlo Ginzburg. Il la place, de manière originale et sé Ostéogenèse imparfaite: à propos de quatre cas à Ouagadougou Burkina Faso. L'ostéogenèse imparfaite OI regroupe un ensemble d'affections constitutionnelles de gravité variable dû à une anomalie de la production du collagène et de la matrice de l'os entraînant une fragilité osseuse.

La présente étude rapporte quatre cas d'ostéogenèse imparfaite suivis aux Centres Hospitaliers Universitaires Charles de Gaulle et Yalgado Ouédraogo.

Le but de ce travail était d'analyser les aspects cliniques, thérapeutiques et évolutifs de la maladie. Cette étude souligne la nécessité d'améliorer la prise en charge de cette maladie rare mais non exceptionnelle et handicapante.

System A activity in these cells is not sensitive to ouabain or proton ionophores. There appears to be in all these cases a qualitative shift in the bioenergetic mechanism for the uptake of Aib as well as a marked quantitative increase in Aib uptake. Postmastectomy radiotherapy improves disease-free survival of high risk of locoregional recurrence breast cancer patients with T and 1 to 3 positive nodes.

Full Text Available The indications for post-mastectomy radiotherapy PMRT with T breast cancer and positive axillary lymph nodes is still controversial. The purpose of this study was to investigate the role of PMRT in T breast cancer with positive axillary lymph node. The median follow-up was 65 months. Subgroup analysis of patients who did not undergo PMRT showed that pT stage, number of positive axillary lymph nodes, and molecular subtype were independent prognostic factors of LRFS.


Constitutive expression of myc therefore appears to synergize with an initial carcinogenic event, providing a function analogous to a subsequent event that apparently is required for the neoplastic transformation of these cells. This cell system should prove useful in exploring early stages in radiation-induced transformation. The oxygen effect for the cell transformation end point was very similar to that for cell killing.

Misonidazole enhanced both cell killing and cell transformation to a similar extent. The enhancement of both end points by misonidazole occurred only in the absence of oxygen during irradiation and was of lesser magnitude than that observed for oxygen.

These results demonstrate that the radiation chemical processes leading to cell killing and cell transformation, respectively, are affected similarly by these two enhancers of radiation action.

Ionizing radiation is one of the most potent inducers of O 6 -methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase MT in rat liver in vivo. Maximal induction was observed in logarithmically growing cells 48 h after a dose of rad, similar to the optimal induction time seen in rat liver in vivo. Irradiating cells under anaerobic conditions abolished MT induction by rad.


The possibility that MT may be partially inactivated by interaction with radicals produced by ionizing radiation is discussed. While bacterial system is valuable for the pragmatic purpose of screening potential environmental carcinogens, the fundamental difference between prokaryotes and mammalian cells warrant caution against the use of bacterial mutagenic mechanisms to explain the oncogenic process in mammalian cells. Purely physical considerations such as the increased thickness of plateau phase cells and the increased cytoplasmic shielding of UV light from the nuclei were insufficient to account for this unusual resistance.

The effect of caffeine on the repair processes in UV-irradiated mammalian cells appears to be exerted during the first DNA synthetic phase after the UV exposure. Parallel experiments were performed, in which cells were exposed for 48 hours to caffeine only with no prior exposure to UV light. It was found that caffeine did not potentiate the transformation by UV light. Caffeine alone induced sister chromatid exchange SCE , whereas the caffeine given after UV light had no effect.

Yamashita, S. Truong, Pauline T. Purpose: To examine locoregional and distant recurrence LRR and DR in women with p T N0 breast cancer according to approximated subtype and clinicopathologic characteristics. Methods and Materials: Two independent datasets were pooled and analyzed.

The study participants were patients with p T N0M0 breast cancer, treated with mastectomy without radiation therapy. Results: The median follow-up time was 4. Conclusions: The 5-year risk of LRR in our p T N0 cohort treated with mastectomy was generally low, with no significant differences observed between approximated subtypes. Our data suggest that although subtype alone cannot be used as the sole criterion to offer postmastectomy radiation therapy, it may reasonably be considered in conjunction with other clinicopathologic factors including tumor size, histology, and margin status.

Larger cohorts and longer follow-up times are needed to define which women with node-negative disease have high postmastectomy LRR. Larger cohorts and longer follow-up times are needed to define which women with node-negative disease have high postmastectomy LRR risks in contemporary practice.

Survival benefit of post-mastectomy radiotherapy in breast carcinoma patients with T tumor and axillary lymph node s metastasis. The objective of this study was to investigate the role of post-mastectomy radiotherapy in breast carcinoma patients with a tumor size of 5 cm or smaller T and axillary lymph node s metastasis N1. We retrospectively reviewed the file records of patients receiving radiotherapy patients and not receiving radiotherapy patients. In the whole series, locoregional recurrence-free survival was significantly better in patients receiving radiotherapy compared with patients not receiving radiotherapy P 0.

In patients with a lymph node ratio equal to or less than these ratios, post-mastectomy radiotherapy could be omitted to avoid radiotherapy-related risks.

Analysis of the prognostic factors for low rectal cancer with the p T NxM0 stage after abdominoperineal resection. This study was designed to explore the factors influencing local recurrence and survival for low rectal cancer with p T NxM0 stage after an abdominoperineal resection APR.

The recurrence rate in patients with intraoperative perforation, less than 12 lymph nodes LNs harvested, T2 staging, and positive circumferential resection margin CRM was The 5-year survival rate in patients with age of at least 70, perforation, less than 12 LNs harvested, T2, and positive CRM was Meanwhile, patients with N0, N1, and N2 had a survival rate of Perforation, number of LNs harvested, T staging, differentiation, and CRM status were independent factors for recurrence; meanwhile, age of the patients, N staging, differentiation, and CRM status were independent factors influencing survival.

Biomimetic apatite coating has been used to load osteogenic biomolecules onto the surface of titanium implants. Apatite on the surface of biomaterials is thought to function as a reservoir of biomolecules as well as enhancing osteoconductivity. Full Text Available Abstract Background Adipocyte volume fat accumulation and cell number adipogenesis is increased in obese individuals.

Our objective was the identification of dietary constituents with inhibitory effects on triglyceride formation during adipogenesis. Results were corroborated by expression levels of several specific adipogenic and lipogenic genes which are known to regulate triglyceride accumulation.

Dietary ingredients including PUFAs, carotenoids, polyphenols and catechins were tested for their effect on lipid accumulation. Additionally, it was demonstrated that adipogenic and lipogenic gene expression was attenuated. Conclusion This in.

Purpose: Postmastectomy radiation therapy PMRT has been shown to benefit breast cancer patients with 1 to 3 positive lymph nodes, but it is unclear how modern changes in management have affected the benefits of PMRT. Methods and Materials: We retrospectively analyzed the locoregional recurrence LRR rates in patients with T 1,2 breast cancer with 1 to 3 positive lymph nodes treated with mastectomy and adjuvant chemotherapy with or without PMRT during an early era and a later era These eras were selected because they represented periods before and after the routine use of sentinel lymph node surgery, taxane chemotherapy, and aromatase inhibitors.

Patients who received PMRT had significantly higher-risk disease features. In addition, decreased levels of NPSH had no effect on spontaneous or radiation-induced SCE nor were cell cycle kinetics additionally altered.

These results suggest that such depletion may result in little or no additional oncogenic or genotoxic effects on aerated normal tissues. Transformed foci are easily distinguishable in this system as crisscrossed, piled-up cells which stain more deeply than the surrounding untransformed cells.

When these foci are ringcloned and subcultured, they have been shown to give rise to malignant tumors in C3H immunodepressed mice.

Previous work showed that such malignant transformations, which occurred with a dose dependent frequency, could be induced by alpha particle irradiation. The present study, in turn, demonstrates that the expression of these transformations can be completely suppressed by co-cultivating the transformed cells with a large number of untransformed cells.

The precise ratio of the number of untransformed cells to transformed cells to give complete suppression was found to vary in different experiments. Maximum effects were seen when a small number of transformed cells in low passage were used. These experiments may provide at least a partial explanation for the greatly increased frequency of transformations per cell irradiated in vitro, compared with the number of tumors observed after irradiation of the same number of cells in vivo.

In addition, if conditions could be optimized whereby transformed foci could reproducibly be eliminated by the use of a known number of untransformed cells, this might have important applications in the prevention and treatment of certain human cancers. A progressive, dose-independent cell loss was apparent within after irradiation with large single doses, and similar patterns of loss were observed following the start of multifraction irradiations.

This progressive cell loss culminated in the loss of integrity of the monolayer of cells, a loss of contact-inhibition, and therefore, an increased rate of cell division. Repopulation did not start immediately after the start of irradiation, but needed a triggering event, in this case, a decrease to a critical level in the cell density. Once initiated, repopulation was able to decrease or even eliminate the effectiveness of subsequent doses in reducing the number of viable cells per culture.

To the extent that the responses of slowly-cycling, contact-inhibited cells in vitro can be applied to interpret the radiation responses of cell populations in vivo, these results further support the notion that it may be necessary, in some cases, to account for an increasing contribution from repopulation with increasing overall treatment time in dose fractionation isoeffect formulae used for predicting tissue tolerances or tumor control.

The two curves are compared and their probabilities discussed. A study of the growth curves at 0. The status of cell populations with respect to their turnover rates may be an important factor influencing dose fractionation effects in early- and late-responding tissues.

In this cell culture system, the rate of cell turnover was approximately three times higher for the plateau-phase transformed cultures. While the single acute dose survival curves for log-phase cells were indistinguishable, there were significant differences between the survival curves for plateau-phase cultures of the two cell types. Both cell lines had a similar capacity for repair of sublethal damage, but untransformed cells had a much greater capacity to repair potentially lethal damage in plateau phase.

Multifraction survival curves were determined for both cell lines for doses per fraction ranging from 9. The isoeffect curve for the slowly cycling, untransformed cells was found to be appreciably steeper than that for the more rapidly cycling transformed cells, a finding consistent with previously reported differences in dose fractionation isoeffect curves for early- and late-responding tissues in vivo.

Failure-free survival following brachytherapy alone or external beam irradiation alone for T prostate tumors in patients: results from a single practice. Median follow-up for EBRT patients was The median patient age was 74 years for both groups. FFS was also determined for presenting. Réponse à l'inoculation mycorhizienne de quatre variétés de niébé Réponse à l'inoculation mycorhizienne de quatre variétés de niébé [Vigna unguiculata L. Full Text Available Murine micromass models have been extensively applied to study chondrogenesis and osteogenesis to elucidate pathways of endochondral bone formation.

Furthermore, mRNA transcripts for markers of osteogenic differentiation including Runx2, Osterix, alkaline phosphatase, osteopontin and osteocalcin were detected in both models, along with matrix calcification.


Apart from lineage-specific marker genes, pluripotency factors Nanog and Sox2 were also expressed in these models, reflecting on the presence of various mesenchymal lineages as well as undifferentiated cells. This cellular heterogeneity has to be taken into consideration for the interpretation of data obtained by using these models. Sobre el plagi acadèmic a Europa.

Un enfocament analític basat en quatre estudis. Full Text Available Amb el desenvolupament de les tecnologies de la informació i la comunicació TIC, el plagi esdevé un problema cada cop més greu en la comunitat acadèmica.

Segons els estudis sobre el plagi acadèmic elaborats en universitats de quatre països europeus diferents, l'índex de plagi entre els estudiants és considerablement alt i els estudiants majoritàriament passen per alt o permeten el plagi per la manca de coneixement, la manca de conseqüències o simplement perquè les TIC fan que el plagi sigui fàcil de cometre.

Les conclusions dels estudis que es presenten en aquest article indiquen que cal introduir polítiques estrictes contra el plagi a les universitats. L'abast del plagi entre estudiants i les seves actituds envers el plagi reben influències de l'entorn cultural i també per l'escenari acadèmic.

En comunitats multiculturals, com ara la comunitat europea, és necessari investigar i comparar el comportament acadèmic a diferents països per a establir estàndards equivalents en l'ensenyament arreu d'Europa. Mesure de la fraction d'evenements a quatre quarks dans les desintegrations multihadroniques du boson Z au LEP. Cette thèse propose de tester la Chromodynamique Quantique QCD en effectuant une mesure précise d'une des trois constantes fondamentales du groupe de symétrie SU 3 utilisé pour décrire la physique des interactions fortes.

Cette constante fondamentale, appelée TF, est reliée à certains états finaux spécifiques des désintégrations du Z0. Ces états apparaissent sous forme de perturbations du deuxième ordre en as et sont illustrés par des diagrammes de Feynman.

À cet ordre, la chromodynamique prévoit deux types de diagrammes de Feynman distincts; le premier contient, un quark, un antiquark et deux gluons, et le second, deux quarks et deux antiquarks. La constante TF est directement proportionnelle à la fraction d'événements à deux quarks et deux antiquarks qui est l'objet de notre mesure. Notre mesure est fondée sur l'étude des événements à quatre partons dans l'état final.

Ces quatre partons, en s'hadronisant, produisent quatre jets de particules qui peuvent être détectés expérimentalement et identifiés à l'aide d'algorithmes de reconstruction des jets. Des observables angulaires nous permettent de faire une discrimination parmi les états finaux de la désintégration du Z0, et ainsi déterminer la valeur de la fraction d'événements à deux quarks et deux antiquarks fq. Afin d'améliorer la mesure de cette fraction et de diminuer le bruit causé par une contamination des événements d'ordres supérieurs, nous avons développe une méthode d'extrapolation.

Cette méthode s'appuie sur la caractérisation de l'espace de phase des événements, exprimée par les paramètres yij. The number of virus plaques observed i.

However, no significant ER was observed. Therefore, the mechanisms responsible for the increases in plaque size and cell capacity seem to be independent of those responsible for ER. Cloned revertant cells of varying degrees of reversion were obtained depending on the time they were isolated after one subculture at low cell density. Most of the revertants isolated 7 and 10 days after seeding at very low cell density eventually returned to the transformed phenotype when passaged serially at high cell density.

The finding that there was a direct relationship between the time during which transformed cells seeded at low cell density multiplied and the number of stable revertant clones obtained, suggests the possibility that reversion from the transformed to the non-transformed phenotype may be a multistep process.

Quatre propositions pour préciser le projet de socio-économie politique du développement durable. Fortement inspirées du projet d'écodéveloppement, ces propositions visent à recentrer le développement durable sur le principe de double équité inter et intra générationnelle, en combinant durabilité forte et anthropocentrisme. These responses to PDGF stimulation were all inhibited by 5 mM neomycin, a polycationic aminoglycoside formerly known to inhibit polyphosphoinositide turnover.

These effects of neomycin suggest a bifurcation of the initial part of the PDGF-induced signal transduction, separating at the receptor level or before phospholipase C activation. The ability of the cells to grow as malignant tumors in syngeneic immunosuppressed mice was used as parameter for oncogenic potential.

The studies were performed in several strains of host animals, i. Morphological transformation preceded oncological transformation, and type I cells could not be established as tumors. Oncogenic potential was pronounced in the type III cells, and less strongly expressed in type II cells. Immunosuppression by antithymocyte serum globulin fraction was an effective method of preparing the syngeneic host so that cells with a low oncogenic potential would grow as tumors, whereas total body irradiation was not effective.

For cells with a high oncogenic potential both ways of immunosuppression were sufficient. Admixing lethally irradiated cells in the cell inoculum slightly enhanced the tumor development from cells with low oncogenic potential and such addition was clearly effective for cells with a higher oncogenic potential, both for the antibody-treated and for the irradiated series. The findings were reproducible. The study stresses the importance of immunosuppression by antithymocyte globulins for detecting in vitro transformed weakly oncogenic cells.

Occupational exposure of humans to mixtures of insoluble and soluble nickel Ni compounds correlates with increased incidences of lung, sinus, and pharyngeal tumors.

Specific insoluble Ni compounds are carcinogenic to animals by inhalation and induce morphological and neoplastic transformation of cultured rodent cells. Our objectives were to 1 understand mechanisms of nickel ion-induced cell transformation, hence carcinogenesis and 2 develop biomarkers of nickel ion exposure and nickel ion-induced cell transformation. Fragment R was expressed at higher steady-state levels in the transformed cell lines.

The 3. Ect2 protein was expressed at 3. The Ect2 gene was amplified by 3. Binding of nickel ions to enzymes of DNA synthesis likely caused amplification of the Ect2 gene. Ect2 gene amplification and over-expression of Ect2 mRNA and protein can cause microtubule disassembly and cytokinesis, contributing to induction and maintenance of morphological, anchorage-independent, and neoplastic transformation of these cell lines.

Over-expression of Ect2 protein is a useful biomarker to detect exposure to nickel compounds and nickel ion-induced morphological and neoplastic cell transformation.

Indian Hedgehog signaling regulates the proliferation and differentiation of chondrocytes and is essential for endochondral bone formation.

E95K, p. DE and p. EK severely impaired the induction of targets such as Ptch1 and Gli1. However, this was not a complete loss of function, suggesting that these mutations may affect the interaction with the receptor PTCH1 or its partners, with an impact on the induction potency. From comparative microarray expression analyses and quantitative real-time PCR, we identified three additional targets, Sostdc1, Penk1 and Igfbp5, which were also severely affected.

The role of Penk1 and Igfbp5 in skeletogenesis is not known. However, we have shown that both Penk1 and Igfbp5 are expressed in the interzone region of the developing joint of mouse digits, providing another link for a role for IHH signaling in the formation of the distal digits. Transformation studies were carried out at two different concentrations 0. Transformation frequencies per surviving cell were found to be greatest when the higher concentration of BP was used with the lower cell density.

A comparison of these results with earlier alpha-irradiation experiments demonstrated the greater effectiveness of BP as a transforming agent in this cell system, although the foci produced by the two agents were morphologically similar.

Attempts made to eliminate the expression of BP transformed foci by two different techniques were unsuccessful, although one of these had previously been shown to be effective with cells transformed by alpha particle irradiation. The two systems tested were treatment with retinyl acetate, a common nutritional form of Vitamin A and the previously successful technique - growth of transformed cells with large numbers of untransformed cells.

The differences between the BP-induced transformations and those induced by alpha particle irradiation may result from intrinsic differences in the mechanism of action of the two carcinogenic agents, differences in the number of cell generations between the induction of the transformed foci and the subsequent treatment of the cells, or genetic differences between different foci.

In the absence of serum or growth factors, IDMB induced adipogenesis without mitosis.

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Microarray analysis identified genes that exhibited expression changes of at least twofold after 24 h of IDMB treatment. Functionally related gene clusters include genes associated with cell structure, triglyceride and cholesterol metabolism, oxidative regulation, and secreted proteins. Changes in adhesion-linked signaling may play a key role in TCDD affects on differentiation.

Dai Kubicky, Charlotte, E-mail: charlottedai gmail. Purpose: To determine whether patients with 1, 2, or 3 positive lymph nodes LNs have similar survival outcomes. Methods and Materials: We analyzed the Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results registry of breast cancer patients diagnosed between and We identified 10, women with T N1M0 breast cancer who were treated with mastectomy with no adjuvant radiation, with at least 10 LNs examined and 6 months of follow-up.

The Kaplan-Meier method and log—rank test were used for survival analysis. Multivariate analysis was performed using the Cox proportional hazard model. Results: Median follow-up was 92 months. Pairwise log—rank test P values were quatre -quart1 is an indispensable U12 intron-containing gene that plays a crucial role in Arabidopsis development.

Despite increasing understanding of the importance of the splicing of Utype introns in plant development, the key question of which U12 intron-containing genes are essential for plant development has not yet been explored. The structures of the shoot apical meristems in the qqt1 mutants were abnormal and disordered. Identification of QQT1-interacting proteins via a yeast two-hybrid screening and a firefly luciferase complementation-imaging assay revealed that a variety of proteins, including many chloroplast-targeted proteins, interacted with QQT1.

Importantly, the levels of chloroplast-targeted proteins in the chloroplast were reduced, and the chloroplast structure was abnormal in the qqt1 mutant. Collectively, these results provide clear evidence that QQT1 is an indispensable U12 intron-containing gene whose correct splicing is crucial for the normal development of Arabidopsis. How does one render visible the connections between human beings in a globalized and media-staged world? This article addresses such a line of questioning, which is central to theories of care, within the context of the literary field.

It fleshes out a poetics of interdependence based on four narratives by contemporary French authors Annie Ernaux, Laurent Mauvignier, Emmanuel Carrère, Maylis de Kerangal. Fiches techniques Les triacylglycérols des huiles de graines de quatre Cucurbitacées tropicales des genres Lagenaria et Luffa.

Une comparaison des compositions en acides gras des deux genres étudiés a permis de mettre en évidence les spécificités propres à chaque genre. Les genres Lagenaria et Luffa, présentant une composition en acides gras qualitativement similaire, contiennent ainsi les AG couramment rencontrés dans le règne végétal, à savoir les acides palmitique, stéarique, oléique et linoléique. La présence de cet acide gras essentiel confère ainsi à ces huiles de bonnes propriétés diététiques et nutritionnelles.

Sclerodermie : Rapport de Quatre Cas. Full Text Available Four cases of sclerodermia have been reported durintwo months.

Sclerodermia which seems to he hardness of the skin is actually a general affection that first appears on the skin and has various types: edematous, sclerema for children, and then the forms of patches or drops or bands Or annulars.

It is sor t of connective tissue affection and is chiefly observed in women and as the reason for it, is thought to be due to the acute infections and chronic toxics in theory dysendocryno- sympathic that eventually is caused by nervous- mental disturbances and shocks. Clinical symptoms were common in all three persons and as a usual it began from the fingers and then it appeared in the face, but in the man it was different and the disease began first from the chest and abdomen and buttucks parts, and although the duration of the illness was more than few months it had not yet affected the limbs.

After sometime it affects the muscles and bones and in a few years it expands so that causes a general weakness and eventually results in death.

Vitamin E given with large dosage, Vitamin D2 to keep calcium from running. Bismuth, Penicilline with large dosage and tetracycline given continuously, and at last cortisone and A. Full Text Available The market for selling experiences and products influenced by various connotations of the past is continuously increasing. Guidebooks play a role in introducing cultural history to a growing tourist market.

A study of four European cultural historic guidebooks draws attention to some of the differences that appear in the way national heritage assets are presented. The analysis reveals that guidebooks are more restricted in representation form and writing genre than initially presumed. By choosing a representation form dominated by a cartographic style of writing, where factual information play a dominant role, the text in the guidebooks leaves the reader in the role of a distanced observer.

It is primarily via the illustrations that the heritage assets act as a scene for contemplation, involvement or for adventure. The material is interpreted within a framework that draws attention to the interaction that takes place between the representations of the past and contemporary society.

Une recension des écrits concernant la réalité psychoaffective des femmes ayant une vulvodynie : Difficultés rencontrées et stratégies développées. RÉSULTATS : Cette recension des écrits révèle, malgré la présence de certains résultats divergents, que les femmes ayant une vulvodynie affrontent souvent des difficultés identitaires et psychologiques, qui sont influencées notamment par les normes sociales de sexualité et de féminité.

Pour composer avec ces difficultés, les femmes développent différentes stratégies visant à diminuer le stress occasionné par la douleur et à améliorer leur bien-être psychologique.

De nombreuses familles, ainsi que leur médecin traitant, préfèrent les médicaments à libération prolongée LP contre le TDAH aux médicaments à libération immédiate LI et à action brève.

Toutefois, les préparations à LP sont souvent inabor-dables pour les familles, dont un nombre disproportionné fait partie de la strate à faible statut socioéconomique. Incidence de quatre vers parasites gastro-intestinaux dans un groupe de cricétomes, Cricetomys gambianus Rongeur : Cricetidae, capturés à Lukaya République Démocratique du Congo.

Full Text Available Incidence de quatre vers parasites gastro-intestinaux dans un groupe de cricétomes, Cricetomys gambianus Rongeur : Cricetidae, capturés à Lukaya République Démocratique du Congo. Three soil tillage practices - summer ploughing, autumn ploughing and chisel - have been evaluated through their effect on soil physical characteristics and on water content during three months after wheat seeding. A comparison was made with no-tillage. This experiment has been conducted on a shallow calcareous clay soil during the season Primary field preparation allows a porous layer up to 20 cm depth which reduces bulk density and penetration resistance.

All the profiles generated by the tillage implements were uniformed by the rain effect. The water content and distribution in the profile was significantly affected by the tillage implements. No-tillage allows the best distribution of water in the profile which is the most suitable to seed germination and plant stand.

The increasing porosity due to the autumn tillage action reduced the amount of water stored in the soil in comparison with the no-tillage case. Cent vingt-trois parents d'enfants ayant un TSA ont rempli un questionnaire d'enquête.

Les mères consultent plus que les pères et il y a une relation positive entre la récence du diagnostic et la fréquence des consultations.

The Web is an important source of information on health and disability; however, few studies describe the frequency of Internet use and the data accessed by the parents of children who have autism spectrum disorders ASD.

The data indicate higher. An increase in radiosensitivity was observed in both growth conditions mainly reflected by a reduction in Dq. Greater radiosensitization was observed in exponentially growing than in plateau-phase cells, and times higher BrdUrd concentrations were required in plateau-phase cells for similar potentiation in killing.

The rate of repair of potentially lethal damage PLD as demonstrated by delayed plating was not affected by the incorporation of BrdUrd, but the amount of repair measured as the relative increase in cell survival was higher for BrdUrd containing cells.

AraA treatment of cells grown in the presence of various amounts of BrdUrd also caused fixation of PLD, but resulted in survival levels similar to those observed with cells growing in BrdUrd-free medium. This result indicates that BrdUrd mediated radiosensitization cannot be observed when cells are prevented from repairing PLD by postirradiation incubation with araA.

Based on these findings we propose that the mechanism of radiosensitization by BrdUrd incorporation might be, by increasing probability of fixation, mediated by the postirrdiation progression of cells through the cycle, of a sector of PLD also sensitive to post-irradiation treatment with araA.

Typologie de quatre registres de discours. Le Japon quatre fois frappé. Géographie universelle. Atlas du Japon. Ces difficultés ont à leur tour des répercussions sur de nombreuses occupations, le rendement scolaire et le développement de la personne. Persons with an autism spectrum disorder ASD frequently have graphomotor problems. These difficulties in turn have repercussions on numerous tasks, on academic performance and on personal development.

In this situation, writing using a keyboard can be a relevant alternative. This study aims to describe the performance of children with an ASD in performing tasks using a computer keyboard and to compare it with that of children whose development is typical. The Performance using a computer test was administered to a sample of 53 children with an ASD, aged 6 to Findings suggest that they can offer an equal, superior or inferior performance depending on their characteristics and on the type of task performed.

The test also allows the observation of several characteristics in their learning processes. Suggestions for the improvement of the knowledge base and practices follow. Nous avons également évalué la qualité des FL frais. Résultats : Les analyses de fiabilité ont donné des résultats satisfaisants pour la plupart des indicateurs. Delahaye, P. Urban, W. The observation in this work of the The isomer is placed Possible mechanisms causing this effect are discussed.

Eckhartt, D.

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Ces experiences ont montre que les surfaces de pression constante coiencident approximativement avec les surfaces de B constant et ne sont pas identiques aux surfaces magnetiques, comme on pourrait s'y attendre pour un stellarator en etat d'equilibre magnetohydrodynamique. Des courants secondaires ainsi. Toutefois, dans un appareil toroiedal a symetrie azimutale et a champ magnetique purement meridien, l'equilibre peut etre etabli sans courant ou mouvement macroscopique le long de B.

Les auteurs ont construit un appareil ayant les proprietes mentionnees cidessus. Il consiste principalement en quatre conducteurs annulaires dans lesquels circule le courant et qui sont plonges dans le plasma dispositif semblable a celui de Okhawa et coll. Les conducteurs sont alimentes en courants continus. This article presents a comparative study of four sermons against atheism written by seventeenth-century Protestant ministers on Psalm Though belonging to different generations, the authors, Amyraut, Gaches, Morus and Superville, deal with the refutation of atheism in the same way: the choice of Psalm Selenium is nowadays considered to be an essential trace element in human diet.

The most extensively studied biochemical role of this element is related to its participation in the composition of glutathione peroxidase. This enzyme acts as an antioxidant for the free radicals formed in the human body. The usual method, which utilizes long- lived 75 Se, was also employed, in order to make a comparative study. A statistical test was applied for this comparison. It was verified that the average concentrations of selenium, in the reference materials and in the samples analyzed, do not differ statistically at a significance level of 0.

Our aim was to determine whether the type of treatment radiotherapy versus surgery affected biochemical failure rates in this group of patients. This study is based on patients treated at a single institution. Pretreatment patient characteristics including clinical stage, biopsy Gleason score GS and iPSA level were not significantly different between the radiation and surgery groups Table 1.

The patients treated with radiation were significantly older median age 70 years vs. Transformation of cells in culture by chemical carcinogens or X-rays seems to require at least two steps. The initial step is a frequent event; for example, after transient exposure to either methylcholanthrene or X-rays.

It has been hypothesized that the second step behaves like a spontaneous mutation in having a constant but small probability of occurring each time an initiated cell divides. We show here that the clone size distribution of transformed cells in growing cultures initiated by X-rays, is, indeed, exactly what would be expected on that hypothesis.

Case report. Patient âgé de 59 ans ayant consulté pour un syndrome douloureux et fébrile de l'hypochondre droit évoluant depuis quatre jours. La palpation trouvait une défense et la biologie montrait un syndrome inflammatoire biologique associé à une cholestase anictérique.

A l'échographie la vésicule. La recherche fait progresser les droits des femmes arabes CRDI A , à Beyrouth, un organisme qui est l'un des fers de lance de la campagne de reconnaissance des droits en matière de nationalité dans la région. La BWA dispose à l'heure actuelle de données sur femmes ayant en moyenne trois à quatre enfants chacune , mais je suis persuadée que deux ou Maletskos, C. Further analysis is indicated. No clinically significant signs or symptoms are observed at MPRE ayant une charge squelettique de radium et radium , qui ont ete examines au laboratoire oue travaillent les auteurs, constituent actuellement un echantillon assez important pour permettre l'evaluation quantitative de la relation entre la reponse biologique et la dose due a la contamination interne.

Les auteurs decrivent les methodes utilisees pour une telle analyse et les resultats obtenus. Les reponses biologiques consistent en une variete de resultats cliniques tels que les radiogrammes obtenus, les tumeurs, les fractures, les analyses d'urine, l'hematologie, la chimie du sang et l'electrophorese des proteines. La dose due a la contamination interne est calculee et exprimee par la charge corporelle retenue, en microcuries d'equivalent minimum de radium pur, en rads cumulatifs et en rad-annees cumulatifs.

Dans la premiere phase de l'analyse, on determine s'il existe une relation entre un parametre clinique et la dose. On fait cette determination en recourant a un test de-contingence, permettant de comparer les donnees reelles et un modele d'independance entre les deux variables que l'on considere comme possible.


Si l'on trouve qu'il n'y a pas d'independance, on fait une hypothese relative a,la relation qui existe et on obtient une description quantitative de la dependance. On fait un ajustement par la methode des moindres carres pour calculer les coefficients et les ecarts types des coefficients d'un developpement en serie.

Une telle expression fournit une description quantitative empirique des resultats en meme temps qu'une mesure de leur variabilite, elle est utile pour une comparaison impartiale avec les resultats des autres laboratoires, mais n'implique aucun mecanisme biophysique.

Les auteurs ont compare les. Audiomemo: jeu sonore en ligne pour exercer la dactylographie chez les enfants ayant un handicap visuel. Vivimos en un tiempo donde las tecnologías de la información y la comunicación, e Internet en particular, permiten a personas con discapacidad visual realizar de manera independiente una gran variedad de tareas que antiguamente requerían de la ayuda de otros. Developpement d'un film antibacterien ayant des proprietes de glissement pour une meilleure processabilite.

Product safety is of crucial importance for the food industry. The challenge of food safety is evidenced by the number of food poisoning in Canada and worldwide.

An outbreak of listeriosis in , having put the safety of Canadians at risk, has motivated the revision of the strategy for food safety in Canada. In this context, a collaboration between two major industrial players in Quebec and École Polytechnique de Montréal was initiated.

This collaboration is supported by the creation of the Research Chair for safe, smart and sustainable food. One of the many forefront projects of this research chair is to develop a package having a bactericidal effect. Article original de Pier Francesco Piccolomini — Softonic. Jeune passionné de nouvelles technologies, Guillaume est tombé tout petit dans le monde Apple. Lorsque vous ouvrez Flipagram, vous pouvez ajouter des photos provenant de différentes sources Instagram, votre profil Facebook, le profil Facebook de vos amis, votre appareil photo, votre profil Twitter, etc.

Les plus Crée des diaporamas de photos lisses Ajoute des bandes sonores flipagrwm vos films A son propre réseau social. En effet, il est possible que vous ayez déjà exporté sur ce réseau social la plupart de vos photos de vacances, donc la possibilité de pouvoir y accéder directement pour réaliser votre album est forcément la sjr. Article suivant Sublimez vos photos sans efforts avec PhotoLemur v2. Apple Pay est arrivé pour éviter le gaspillage Attention, les pétitions arrivent sur Facebook Shot on iPhone: Les convertir en quelques secondes en vidéos que vous pouvez publier sur les médias sociaux.

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Flipagram Faites un film rlipagram votre vie. Faire un montage Lorsque vous ouvrez Flipagram, vous pouvez ajouter des photos provenant de différentes sources Instagram, votre profil Facebook, le profil Facebook de vos amis, votre appareil photo, votre profil Twitter, etc. Cela vaut la peine de prévisualiser la vitesse que vous avez choisie avec la musique que vous avez choisie pour vous assurer que les deux vont bien ensemble.

Au moment de la flipagran, il semblait y avoir une infinité de vidéos vantant les belles années que les gens avaient en Voir maac top flipagam. Groovy gère les choses différemment en vous permettant de contrôler vos dépenses sans encombrement inutile. Windows Multimédia Son Flipagram Faites un film de votre vie Flipagram est un moyen simple de transformer vos photos en une vidéo flipwgram de vos pistes préférées.

Lire la description complète. Apple met en avant un sportif samoan de 17 ans Google Maps va indiquer les limites de vitesse Jeune passionné de nouvelles technologies, Guillaume est tombé tout petit dans le flipagraam Apple. Bloquez sue publicité et les trackers Brave bloque par défaut le contenu indésirable. Plus de frais de données liés au téléchargement de contenu indésirable.

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KHI3, développé windowss Joël Ollivier, est une calculatrice scientifique polyvalente. Liste les dossiers et sous dossiers avec mise en page automatique. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Une plateforme idéale pour écouter et découvrir de nouveaux podcasts.

Jouez au tarot à 3 4 ou à 5 ckde sur votre smartphone ou tablette tactile grâce au jeu gratuit andy tarot lite android [ Posted December 19, Déblocage et réparation de votre téléphone mobile. Il est très populaire auprès des utilisateurs du monde entier.

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Rechercher windiws ce blog. Voici nos 3 meilleurs choix. MyMicroBalance est un logiciel de comptabilité de trésorerie base. Imettawen n imezwura Les larmes de leurs pères. Il enchaîne sur une longue série de concerts. Navigation Accueil Portails thématiques Article au hasard Contact. Calypso Rose So calypso! Des millions de morceaux. Connectez-vous pourquio ajouter à une playlist.

Il comprend notamment un titre consacrée à la mémoire de sa mère. Entre scènes et terre Live. Puis part faire son service militaire de deux ans. Cheriet, Hamid Idir. Gratuitemrnt in the air feat. Événements à crtte Autour de Idir Voir tous les événements.

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Album live enregistré à Puteaux et DVD sur la tournée du chanteur. Entre scènes et terre Sony — BMG. Médailles en chocolat feat Disiz La Peste. Idir — CD album. Sans ma fille Tbeddel Axxam. Fort de cet appui discographique, il revient donc sur le devant de la scène et passe au New Morning à Paris du 7 au 9 févrierce qui lui vaut de nombreux éloges et la reconnaissance de ses pairs.

Ennio Morricone Ennio morricone Poser une question au idur. Cette soirée de fête est renouvelée plus tôt que prévu, le 8 juillettoujours sous la houlette de Idir, lorsque de violentes émeutes ravagent la Kabylie. EnIdir sort une réédition de son tout premier album, 20 ans après: Les Chasseurs de lumière Blue Silver.

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Votre téléphone est désimlocké! Blackberry canada bell imei: Bonjour, Voici un nouveau lien http: Acceptez En savoir plus. Statistiques globales Discussions Messages 8 Membres 1 Dernier membre legrand jean-marie.

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Outils du sujet Afficher la page imprimable Suivre ce sujet…. Filed under High-TechTutorial Tagged with blackberrydesimlockertutorial blackberry. Avertissez-moi par e-mail des nouveaux commentaires. Envie que votre Blackberry peut-importe le modèle accepte toutes les cartes sim? Vous devez vous inscrire ou vous connecter pour répondre ici. Ajouter 2 ans de support à votre Micro-Box:.

Technologie linguistique et statistique. Les nouveaux outils de personnalisation automatiques accroissent votre productivité. Ces dictionnaires travaillent en symbiose avec le moteur de traduction et peuvent être aussi consultés indépendamment, fonction réalisée en partenariat avec Larousse. Quick File Translator pour une traduction directe de fichiers et répertoires, avec support de documents PDF. FL Studio Fruity Loop. Adobe Acrobat Reader DC pdf.

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